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Widow & Elderly Care

We address the needs of the vulnerable elderly population in our neighborhood and within the Greater Nashville Area through our programs: The Hopewell Project & WE (Widow and Elderly) Care. 

Bridging the Generations, the Young and the Old, Through Awareness, Intentional Service and Social Interaction.

We believe it's important to open the eyes of young people to the needs that exist in their midst, which is why several of our programs include service opportunities that care for the Widow & the Elderly present in their communities.


It's important to take the time to listen to the real needs that exist in the day to day lives of the widow and the elderly. Whether that be assistance cleaning, cooking, or meaningful social interaction.

Intentional Service

The need to connect with others is part of what makes us human, and God instructs us to do so with love and genuineness, to "visit the widow" in their time of need.

Empowering Social Interaction

Our WE Care Outreach Program and Hopewell Widow Care Project address the needs of the elderly and widowed population. From middle school to college, including students from the Institute of G.O.D., our volunteers serve seniors by assisting them with various tasks such as cleaning, yard work, home maintenance, cooking, technology assistance, activity facilitation, and errands. These programs raise awareness about the needs of the elderly and widowed while providing opportunities for hundreds of young people to make a meaningful impact. Inspired by James 1:27, we acknowledge that visiting widows in need is an essential aspect of our faith-based organization's mission.

Our Work with Widows & the Elderly

  • We've had an active presence blessing the widow & elderly in need in the Hopewell Neighborhood since 2008, located in Nashville, TN.


    For more information or to be considered for services, please contact us!

  • We’ve been actively engaged in serving the elderly through outreach services in the Greater Nashville Area since 2000. If your organization would like to consider partnering with us, please contact us!

Your contribution makes an impact in the lives of real people, dedicated to being a light in their communities and empowering their neighbors in need.  If you are interested in volunteering with us use the button below to schedule a call!

Support the Widow & the Elderly

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