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Development Agency

At Global Outreach Developments International, participating in development work is a paramount part of our organizational effort. We act as facilitating catalysts, meeting the needs in an environment and empowering local people as to how to meet those needs. We utilize the tool of education to empower them so that they can critically examine their world and address those pressing needs that affect their society’s health.

Development Work GOD Intl

At GOD Intl, we implement lasting change through sustained commitment to God and to one another. Our laborers endure challenges with preparedness, resilience, and a vision for a better world. We are intentional about our approach to cross-cultural presence, language learning, and implementing relevant strategies for lasting change.

Facilitating Catalysts

Local cooperatives are integral to our program's success. Too often people rush into a program area, bypassing cultural, political and social realities to further their cause. But we recognize the importance of staying sensitive both to those realities and to God's voice, and provide opportunities for biblical education, training, and character development to devoted locals.

Empowering the Local

God's word is the impetus for all we do and the foundation for effective change. That is why we make an intentional effort at providing access to biblical seminars, studies, and classes, as well as facilitate practical job training venues that demonstrate to others how we can apply God's Word to all we do and meet our very real needs, together.

Educational Opportunities

How We Participate in Development Work

Nashville TN GOD Intl Headquarters


Our home base and where it all began. Learn more about our robust program opportunities, from higher education learning to demonstration farming, we're dedicated to making an impact on our local community in the greater Nashville area.

The subject of 3rd world development can be very complicated. We've broken it down here into key subject matters of thought in relation to our organization's approach. Click each section here and learn about the overarching topic.


3rd World Development

One Team, Five Regions

El Salvador Region Headquarters GOD Intl

Latin America

Latin America marks our inaugural international mission field. Starting with mission trips to Mexico in 1996, we've evolved, establishing a 2-acre headquarters in Suchitoto, El Salvador. Our Latin America Campus orchestrates youth camps, educational initiatives, and a thriving agricultural farm that uplifts the local community. Through ministerial service, we actively contribute to the area's positive transformation.

East Africa region GOD Intl

East Africa

East Africa, our home since '98, pulses with G.O.D. In Uganda since '07, our 14-acre hub showcases sustainable models in agriculture and construction. From church planting to youth empowerment (SLAM) and education, we're transforming lives with local leaders. Join us in advocating for the vulnerable, especially children!

India region GOD Intl


India is the most populated subcontinent in the world.  Our India Regional team presently focuses its activity in the National Capital Region of the country, but has had years of experience across the northern sector of the nation.

South east asia region GOD Intl

South East Asia

Since 2006, G.O.D. International has been actively impacting the Philippines through its South East Asia Regional team, focusing on education, youth development, and maternal health. Choosing Tacloban City, Leyte as their hub just before Typhoon Haiyan in 2013, our work became pivotal. At the Tahanan Community Center, the team engages in diverse activities, including fellowships, Bible studies, and educational seminars. They contribute to the local community through teaching, prison ministry, extensive youth development, and supporting women in childbirth.

Your contribution makes an impact in the lives of real people, dedicated to being a light in their communities and empowering their neighbors in need. 

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