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Community Service Organization

Global Outreach Developments International services designated neighborhoods by mobilizing, organizing and facilitating programs for our local community that meet particular needs related to the issues of the area. This is how G.O.D. Int'l got its start, and it's something we continue to do today, both 'Here' And 'Abroad.' 

Community Service GOD Intl

For the past 15 years, our organization has helped in the redemptive transformation of a notoriously troubled neighborhood in Nashville.

Hopewell Neighborhood

We help mobilize groups of friends, churches, schools and associations to help meet needs in their varying communities.


Our organization serves to ensure that long-term needs can be met. Our programs, help us adopt a cause and see it through to completion.


How We Respond to Needs in Our Community

Our Community Service Programs

Refugee Care GOD Intl Nashville TN

Immigrant & Refugee Care

Our organization proudly dedicates itself to serving refugees and helping them overcome the challenges they face in their new communities. We offer a variety of services to assist with their integration, including drivers’ training, support for mothers through pregnancy and beyond, summer kids’ camps, Bible studies, and English language classes. All our programs are tailored to meet individual and community needs and are designed to promote self-sufficiency while establishing a strong sense of community among refugees.

Widow and Elderly Care GOD Intl

Widow & Elderly Care

Our elderly care program cares for the most vulnerable elderly in the Hopewell neighborhood (where our headquarters is based). Holistic care is provided, ranging from fresh food delivery from our community garden, to transportation for medical services, to housekeeping, and routine social visits. 

Youth development program GOD Intl

Youth Development

At Global Outreach Developments International, we prioritize holistic youth development, emphasizing formal education and informal learning environments. Our programs, including Campz, SLAM, CASE, and WorkWell, focus on character and spiritual growth, going beyond cognitive skills. Through diverse events and unique opportunities, we aim to achieve a balanced nurturing of the mind and spirit, ensuring overall well-being and growth for young individuals.

Your contribution makes an impact in the lives of real people, dedicated to being a light in their communities and empowering their neighbors in need. 

Give to Our Community Service Programs

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