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Immigrant and Refugee Care GOD Intl Nashville TN

Immigrant & Refugee Care

Our service to refugees is multi-faceted and based upon the needs they themselves have expressed to us. Our main areas of service to refugees are drivers' training, support for pregnant and laboring mothers, and summer kids camps.

Welcoming Immigrants And Refugees With Education And Supportive Care.

It's difficult to reside in a new land, let alone try to understand a new language and culture. That's why we believe language learning is an imperative way we can serve and empower our immigrant & refugee neighbors.

Caring through Language Learning

Whether it be driver's education training, opportunities for kids to go to a fun summer camp, or basic material needs, we help meet the needs of those in our path so they experiences inclusivity and connection.

Caring through Intentional Service

Weekly bible studies and seasonal seminars are provided alongside opportunities for language learning. We make sure to include time to answer questions and foster meaningful conversations surrounding God's Word.

Caring through Biblical Discipleship

Immigrant and Refugee Care Nashville TN GOD Intl

Leviticus 19:34 reminds us, 'The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born. Love them as yourself, for you were foreigners in Egypt. I am the LORD your God.' This verse underpins our mission: not loving the foreigners among us means forgetting our own history as once-foreigners, be it in our faith journey from Egypt or as Americans in a new land.

Our commitment to hospitality and love for foreigners is a cornerstone of holiness. At GOD International, we actively support immigrants and refugees in Nashville, focusing our services on the Hispanic, Congolese, and Burmese communities. This work isn't just an act of assistance—it's an expression of our fundamental values and a reflection of our faith.

Our Work with Immigrants & Refugees

  • Language in Action (LIA) provides weekly English classes at multiple locations for the Hispanic, Congolese, and Burmese communities we serve. Our dedicated volunteers offer empowering and practical English lessons, designed to help immigrants and refugees integrate into their new home in Nashville.

  • Navigating Nashville's transit-hostile environment poses a significant challenge for immigrants and refugees, especially when public transportation options are limited. The ability to drive is often synonymous with the ability to work, yet many find themselves at a disadvantage due to the lack of driver's education manuals and practice tests in their native languages. Our team steps in to bridge this gap, offering tailored assistance to help them gain the driving skills and knowledge needed for this essential form of independence.

  • Bible Studies organically evolved from our English classes which often resulted in times of prayer, worship, and discussing the Bible. Responding to this natural progression, we now offer periodic Bible studies for our neighbors who are eager to know God's Word. 

  • In our English classes, students often voice practical and urgent concerns with questions like, "What's insurance?" "How do we protect ourselves in this rough neighborhood?" and "How do I fill out a permission slip?" Listening closely to these needs, we respond by offering educational seminars on topics they find most pressing. These sessions have included grocery shopping, self defense, navigating insurance, and filling out medical forms. 

  • Working with refugee families, we recognized that when school is out, kids are often home alone or turn to screens for entertainment. Our response was to bring camp to them. Collaborating with SLAM volunteer teams, we facilitate summer camps where they are (often in an unused tennis courts attached to their apartment complexes). These camps offer sports, arts, literacy boosts or water wars. The gratitude of the community is deeply felt, often manifested in the form of large, homemade meals lovingly prepared by mothers and shared with us on the final days of the camps.

    Register for Camp Skills Madison!

    Register for Camp Skills Madison (Espanol)

Camp Skills Madison

Camp Skillz Madison is a structured, enriching summer-camp program serving primarily first and second generation immigrant families in the Madison area. Campers benefit from team building skills all while having fun and making fantastic memories!

Your contribution makes an impact in the lives of real people, dedicated to being a light in their communities and empowering their neighbors in need. 

Support Immigrants & Refugees

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