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Educational Institution

At Global Outreach Developments International, we believe that without education, human beings are left under-developed, lacking the capacity to effectively communicate their thoughts.  Without this ability, people have no healthy way to contribute to a meaningful co-existence with their neighbor. Tragically, this inability often leads to conflict, and escalates in violence.  Education, however, is the key factor to prevent such dehumanization. In effect, we believe education is the impetus for radical social change and healthy societies. That is why biblical education and community development training are the cornerstone of our efforts, paving the path forward for people looking to make an impact on the world around them.

Education in East Africa

We believe God's word is the foundation for lasting impact. Both in our individual lives and through how we respond in obedience through the community we're a part of. That's why our approach always begins with biblical discipleship.

Study of God's Word

In person, online, and at-home classes that are rooted in scripture and relevant for skill, character, and career development are available through our PreK-12 Private School at the Academy for GOD and via Higher Education opportunities at Institute for GOD,

Educational Institutions

The arts give us a way to connect with cultures different than our own, and communicate complex ideas through storytelling and expression.

Creative Expression

How We Respond to the Need for Education

Our Educational Programs

Institue for GOD premier bible college Nashville

The Institute had its inaugural year in 2004 with the purpose of training missionaries who are biblically educated and practically equipped to respond to the diverse problems of the developing world. The Institute functioned as the educational training arm for Global Outreach Developments—a global missions and community development organization founded in California in 1996, later moving to Nashville in 2000.

The Institute for GOD