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Our home base, our training ground, our starting point for everything that follows. God is doing something special here. Over the past 25 years, our Nashville Campus has grown to include hundreds of members, span over 40 acres, and serve thousands in our surrounding community through our various programs. Whether it be through our educational institutions, community service efforts, or development agency training and missions teams, we're devoted to carrying out God's call on our life by making a lasting impact.


Learn more about how our ministry in Nashville  began.

What we do here, is what we do there; This highlighted in our Nashville program efforts.

We believe that building up people is essential.

Check out our Headquarters in Nashville.

GOD Intl Historical Image Nashville TN

GOD Intl found its beginnings in Nashville in 2000 after a faith-filled move by founders Gregg & Tara Garner from their roots in California. They felt God tell them to, “move to Nashville and I’ll send many more into the world in your place.” For 8 years, GOD Intl was based out of Antioch where God proved faithful to send people called to serve and learn his word. Those founding years in Tennessee, like in California, were characterized by education in God’s word, community service, and global missions.


After months of searching and praying, in 2008 God directed us to a place that matched both what we needed and what we asked of Him. In a faith-filled response, our organization purchased the abandoned elementary school property located on the other side of the tracks and settled in Hopewell, Tennessee —“building houses to live in, planting gardens, and seeking the welfare of this [small] city” (Jer. 29:5-7). What was once a segregated school and a deteriorating building became a part of a redemptive story for the community at large as Hopewell transformed into an area of service, educational opportunity for all, neighborly love, and care.

Nashville History & The Hopewell Neighborhood

Located just minutes from downtown Nashville, the 40-acre GOD International campus features educational facilities for The Institute for GOD and The Academy for GOD, and a gathering space for The Community Church for GOD. It includes a community garden, studios for music, dance, film, and podcasts, a theater, industrial kitchen, sports fields, amphitheater, and a public coffee shop.

Plus, 100% of our faculty and staff live within walking distance. This conscious, faith-filled move helped revitalize a once overlooked neighborhood into an attractive living and learning environment.

Nashville Headquarters

Our Nashville Team

We Are So Blessed To Work With A Competent Team Of Individuals Who Have Given Their Lives To God For Ministry. Learn A Little Bit More About Them Here!

You can find even more team members on The Institute for GOD, The Academy for GOD, and the Community Church for GOD websites.