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Sustainable Development efforts through Nuwaterworks GOD Intl

Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is vital in humanizing people around the globe, ensuring they have access to essential needs, such as healthy food and water. At Global Outreach Developments International, our agriculture efforts focus on preserving the environment and natural resources while promoting food security. We work alongside communities to foster innovative and sustainable agriculture practices that ensure sustainability for future generations. By also providing access and training surrounding clean water and sanitation facilities and practices, we are able to improve health outcomes and the lives of those in our path. Together, we can build sustainable communities where individuals have access to life's basic essentials.

Agricultural Focus at GOD Intl

The ability to successfully grow your own food is an invaluable gift to those trapped in the cycle of poverty. We desire to bring this gift of empowerment through education, giving small-scale farmers the tools they need to have healthy families and in turn, healthy communities.


  • Hopewell Gardens is a 7-acre demonstration plot located in Nashville, Tennessee that exists to train students and communities in the practice of ethical and regenerative food production locally, regionally, and internationally. Visit the Hopewell Gardens Site > 

    Hopewell Gardens TN Logo
  • DEMOSFE is a garden tucked into a rural community that has provided jobs and volunteer opportunities for youth since 2016. One of the greatest points of demonstration of this garden has been the organic approach to enriching the soil and testing new kinds of food that offer a more complete nutrient rich diet for neighbors and others who lack the resources to purchase these foods. The produce of the garden is not only found in agriculture but also in the self confidence of the local youth. By developing the garden and putting themselves into what they do, it requires their spiritual, personal and relational growth. This has been a community haven for youth who would typically be involved in gangs or dangerous activities by providing them with mentorship and important life skills.

  • The Faith Wells Garden is a training ground for farmers and organic gardening demonstration. It's been providing locally grown produce to the community since 2013, which has helped families grow healthier food. The mission of the Faith Wells Garden in Uganda is three-fold: as an outreach center they work with their neighbors who have less resources by teaching them how to farm more efficiently; at the same time it provides the community with a diverse range of fresh, nutritious vegetables that supply locals' needs while also supplying job opportunities for the youth in the area.

  • We're always thankful for willing hands and hearts to participate in our agricultural efforts. Whether that's at our demonstration garden in Nashville, or abroad in one of our regional farms, please reach out if you have interest in participating. Volunteer Inquiry > 

  • Read more about our agricultural efforts On The Blog > 

Your contribution makes an impact in the lives of real people, dedicated to being a light in their communities and empowering their neighbors in need. 

Give to our Sustainable Development Efforts

Water and Sanitation efforts Nuwaterworks GOD Intl

NuWaterWorks empowers individuals to achieve health for their families and communities by training them to resolve water-related problems, ranging from water catchment, filtration and treatment to well-digging and repair.

Water & Sanitation

  • NuWaterWorks Logo

    NuWaterWorks is a program of Global Outreach Developments International that implements water, sanitation, and hygiene solutions in developing countries.  We empower individuals to achieve health for their families and communities by training them to resolve water-related problems, ranging from water catchment, filtration and treatment to well-digging and repair. In doing so, we work to relieve undue anxiety and pose sustainable solutions for a better future where everyone has water sufficient to drink, wash, cook and bathe. 

    For those who lack reliable access to clean water, life is extremely difficult. We understand that for lasting results, we must empower local communities to take part in the solution. NuWaterWorks implements sustainable projects in communities of need around the world, while training local representatives to maintain and repair their own water sources.  

    Contact Us > 

  • NuWaterWorks functions in various areas of need, including: 

    • Working with Locals

    • Surveying

    • Borehold Repair

    • Pipeline Installation

    • Water Systems

    • Water Quality Testing

    • Water Distribution Systems

    • Water Filtration

    • Sanitation

    • Well Drilling

    • Compost Toilets

    • Job Training

    • Irrigation Systems

    • Greywater Systems

    • Rain Catchment Systems

    • Water Cistern Construction

  • Read more about our water and sanitation efforts through NuWaterWorks On The Blog > 

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