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WorkWell Employee in Nashville TN


WorkWell Provides Meaningful Summer Jobs For Youth ages 14-24 in Nashville To Become Confident And Skilled Leaders In The Workplace.

200+ Summer Jobs

Provided to Nashville Youth Through WorkWell

Given to Help Support Youth in their First Job Experience

2,000+ Hours

Explored through our WorkWell Program

10+ Job Industries

WorkWell employee Nashville TN

At WorkWell, we believe in the power of work training in the development of youth. We provide a unique, safe, and nurturing environment for our program participants, where they can grow into their future selves with guidance from our experienced staff. Our goal is to empower youth to reach their full potential.

Your First Encounter With Work Shouldn't Be Stressful.

Through WorkWell, youth gain experience through valuable team building & dynamic opportunities, learning what it means to work alongside different personalities and skillsets.

Team Building

WorkWell not only provides Jobs for Youth in training, we provide quality opportunities for their skill development and growth.

Quality Jobs

WorkWell Employees gain exposure to particular areas of interest, as well as receive feedback for their development along the way to prepare them for the workplace.

Character Development

Get Involved in the 'WorkWell Experience'

WorkWell offers meaningful work to young people in search of summer employment. We empower teen employees with the soft skills necessary to succeed in any work environment: receiving feedback, leadership, flexibility, project management, and public speaking. You will also walk away with a resume and professional headshots. We operate two programs: the WorkWell Experience for teens aged 14-15 and a high school internship for teens aged 16-18. WorkWell is made possible through a partnership with Nashville’s POWER youth employment initiative.

CampSkillz Jr. Counselors

Help facilitate summer camps for children aged 6-11. They will learn to organize a safe and fun environment for children that focuses on character development. Counselors will also learn about conducting small group discussions and large assembly events.

Workshop Facilitators

Provide a variety of workshops for children ages 6-11 including art projects, sports clinics and the performing arts. Employees will be challenged to identify their particular talents and then break down those skills into components to teach children. Employees will gain experience working as a team, capturing the attention of kids, and teaching simple skills.

Jr. Media Partners

Employees will work as a part of a media team to complete photos and video projects. Employees will learn how to meet and communicate with clients to prepare a project plan that communicates their story. They will learn Camera operating: Framing, exposure, stabilization lighting, and audio. They will learn basic editing techniques.  

Sustainable Garden Engineers 

Get involved in the growing, harvesting and preparation of organically-grown produce through Hopewell Gardens. Employees will learn about small-scale agriculture and those whom it benefits by preparing a farm-to-table meal.

Jr. Mechatronics Engineers

From project management to learning basic trade work and inventory management, join us this summer to elevate your skills and launch your mechatronics journey with hands-on training and real-world projects!

WorkWell Nashville TN

Don't Wait, Start Today.

So much of life is spent at work. You deserve the best opportunities to learn who you are as a young person and how you might best contribute your unique skills to society.  Our hope is that they WorkWell Youth would apply the ethics and values that they have learned as a part of our program into whatever field of work they chose to pursue.

On the Blog

Explore the exciting journey on our blog where future generations not only learn life skills but also foster character development – because building leaders of tomorrow is not just a goal, it's our superpower! 💪 Dive in now and join the adventure!"

Get Involved with our High School Internship

Our High School Internship program is designed for youth ages 16-18 to gain experiences in working for a non-profit organization. At $15.00 an hour, interns get the opportunity to work in 5 different spheres: Enviornmental Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Summer Camp Facilitation, Media Creation, and a unique Senior Internship experience. They receive personalized interviews, specialized on-the-job training, and direct mentorship in their chosen areas. Interns will get to work alongside experienced non-profit employees and managers in whatever sphere they choose, learning how to effectively serve their community.

Be a part of making this summer a memorable summer for youth while experiencing several of our empowerment programs! Interns set the tone for the week, creating a fun and safe environment for youth to learn important values, play games, and have a blast this summer. If you are interested in learning about youth work, and you want to experience all the fun of summer along with your youth, this internship is for you!

Youth Development Intern

Are you interested in a career in media production? This job offers an opportunity to be trained in photography, videography, advertising, and more! By working with the WorkWell Media Team, you will get the chance to produce media content that will be used to promote the hard work and intentional efforts that are being done this summer!

Content Creator Intern

If you have worked with WorkWell at least one summer prior, you could get the opportunity to be placed with an internship experience that is tailored to your specific career interests. This could range anywhere from working at a local healthcare clinic to producing music and marketing material for local businesses. The staff at WorkWell will work with you to place in an experience suitable for you!

Senior Internship

Hopewell Gardens grows healthy food for our local community. Interested in learning how to farm? As a farm intern at Hopewell Gardens, you’ll get to be hands on in the day-to-day operations of our farm. Every day will be different, but your work will include: composting, irrigating crops, greenhouse planning, sowing, transplanting, organic pest control, and harvesting crops for markets.

Agriculture Intern

Interested in farm planning and creating inviting outdoor spaces? Our environmental engineers collaborate with seasoned landscaping and farming experts to design productive and aesthetically pleasing environments. Join us to engage in hands-on operations at our local garden and contribute to the development and maintenance of our outdoor spaces. Your responsibilities will encompass a variety of tasks, including composting, crop irrigation, greenhouse planning, seeding, transplanting, organic pest control, crop harvesting, tree and shrub transplanting, excavation, painting, construction, and more. 

Environmental Engineer

We are seeking highly motivated and technically inclined youth employees to join our team as Mechatronics Engineers. In this role, you will be responsible for providing support in various aspects of mechatronics engineering, data tracking, logistics, and resource management. The position involves hands-on work in: ensuring building care, trade work, coordination of resources, and property safety.

Mechatronics Engineer