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Public Health Education in action in India GOD Intl

Public Health Education

The future of any society can be foreseen in the present situation of mothers and babies. Positive birth outcomes, healthy transitions into motherhood, education on reproductive processes (including lactation and the benefits for the child), accompanied with pediatric care, and careful consideration for the health and habitat of kids 5 and under, are healthy preoccupations for any society.

Maternal and Infant Health GOD Intl

It is an ever-driving conviction of the G.O.D. community to do our best to reflect the character of God in the world. Like a city on a hill, we work, study and serve to shine our light before anyone watching to be that blessing to all peoples, even the nations that God promised through Abraham.  This vocational responsibility permeates our occupational efforts as childbirth educators, doulas, and midwives. 

Maternal & Infant Health

Children's Health GOD Intl

Children are the most vulnerable sector in any society. Jesus’ words “let the little children come to me,” teaches us that God’s people are to be concerned with the well-being of children. The well being of children is dependent upon health adults. We work to educate and create environments that promote their health and well being.

Children's Health

Your contribution makes an impact in the lives of real people, dedicated to being a light in their communities and empowering their neighbors in need. 

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